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I feel like im the only person on campus who still has finals to study for, i mean i know its not true- but this is lamee. And i have no idea how i managed to sleep last night with all the noise :( haha but i left a little morning surprise for the girl next door hahahaha *is evil* aaaany how im coming home tonight! yay.. but now im just rambling because i dont feel like studying
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what hiro

Good Will Hunting

Has anyone else seen this movie? I kept hearing good reviews, but i watched it and it wasnt all that moving. I was expecting a real chick flick - feel good movie and i was severly disappointed. And wow 90s hair styles are hillarious. So yeah. So much for study week haha

So who's with me?

Some random people decided to form their own league of superheroes! how awesome would it be if we did that? :D

O and some lady saved 97% of her grocery bill with coupons! $154 reduced to $9 now thats magical my friend

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Nooo i took my stat prelim and im afraid i did horrible! but i might have done well- but i might have failed!! ahh this is the worst predicament ever

What would you do?

So yesterday- i was watching tv with elaine- which is another story altogether >__<  and we came across this tv show from abc news called 'what would you do?' I dunno if anyone's seen it before, i have never heard of it (and i watch a lot of tv) but its really cool. They set up hidden cameras and do something outrageous (for example kids vandalize a car) and see if anyone will do something about it. Afterwards they talk to the people, and some professors psychoanalyze the passersby. I was shocked at how many people just walk by- but then i thought welll what would I do

So yeah its pretty mindblowing: http://abcnews.go.com/WhatWouldYouDo/
this link has the episodes/clips

My new pet slime mold

Today we had a cool mushrooms lab- and we got to take home a slime mold to grow for fun :) 

(this isnt the actual one mine hasnt gotten that big yet...) im thinking of calling it either Slimey McYeller or Jack the creeper